About Andrew

Andrew Jepsen

35 years old

Rarely knows when to shut up.

Aware that he's just lucky to be here.

I've found that if I close my eyes and stick my head in the sand weddings magically plan themsleves.


About Sarah

Sarah Naus

27 years old

Full of energy yet...

Can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

A little help over here?


Love story:

Sarah & Andrew met when Sarah began working at Zindagi games while finishing up college. The attraction was instant. Andrew ingeniously began altering his route from car to office to go through the reception area setting aside the far more convenient and direct path he had used for years.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, and despite the incredible subtlety/genius of his moves, Sarah and basically everyone in the office noticed. Sarah began referring to Andrew in private - and in her contacts list - as 'Future Husband'. A fact that was both prescient and an aruably serious indictment of her taste.

Just as he was preparing to ask Sarah out Andrew was horrified to learn that she was already married. He knew this because she was wearing a ring on her ring finger and in the course of a conversation she said "running with my husband".

Andrew was devastated. He cursed the gods for this injustice. The next day, he decided to make one more trip through the front door before resigning himself to his old. sad, life of entering through the side door nearest his office.

"I didn't know you were married?"

"I'm not! Why the hell would you think that?"

"Uhh, that ring, and you said 'My husband'"

"Uhh, this ring is my Grandma's and it's blue and I rarely wear it and I said 'running with asthma'. Not even close."

With the problem of Sarah's first marriage resolved Andrew asked Sarah out. Their first date was a day long hike and - to this day - Andrew is still a terrible listener.